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DMPC is mainly based on the original 1997 virtual pet and on the Pendulum version, but also has many relevant improvements.

It is fully colored and includes a lot of characters from all Digimon tv series and videogames.

After you have selected your Digimon family type and the egg has hatched, you can start taking care of your Digimon.

You have to raise your Digimon feeding, cleaning and healing it everytime it needs.

When it grows up it will also evolve through many different stages.

You can play 6 different mini-games to train the Digimon and increase its parameters so that it will become stronger.

The battle function allows you to challenge other players around the world!

To do this you need to download a free hosting program called Hamachi.

The trainings, the battles and the number of care mistakes affects the evolution of your Digimon!

DMPC is not an official Bandai game. It was created by a mysterious guy known as "Hosc", and later owned by the current programmer JoMdz Dmpc.

In the "Colosseum mode" you can fight against evil wild Digimon to liberate the Digital World!

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The trademark "Digimon" is owned by Bandai. All rights reserved.

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