Digimon are strange creatures living in the Digital World, a parallel universe made of computer data.

In 1996 Bandai launched the Tamagotchi (the first virtual pet ever released), an electronic portable game in which the player can raise a small being from another planet in order to make it grow up and evolve in many different forms.

After the great success of this game, in 1997 Bandai created the "Digimon Digital Monster" as a new v-pet very similar to the Tamagotchi, but with more monstrous characters and the ability to battle against other players through the connection between two Digimon toys.

Later Digimon became also a video-game, a manga and then an anime series which made it popular in USA and Europe, so that many people believe that Digimon was created as a cartoon and ignore the fact that it was primarily a v-pet.

Bandai released many versions of Digimon and continues to release new ones until nowadays. However, some of those versions are not properly virtual pets, but quest-games based on the tv series.

If you are a nostalgic Digimon fan who loved the old v-pet or a young kid who wants to try this kind of game for the first time, then you must download DMPC and enjoy it!

Digimon are often considered to be an imitation of Pokèmon, but this claim is incorrect.

Even if we can notice some similarities and influences between them (especially in some of the newest Digimon videogames), the original concept of Tamagotchi and Digimon is completely different from the one of Pokèmon, which has never been a v-pet.

While Pokèmon are usually shown as battling animals who don't even speak, Digimon have a more specific personality and a deeper relationship with their human tamers.

Pokemon story is about a guy who has to catch all the Pokèmon and become the best trainer of the world defeating his rivals.

In Digimon videogames, comics and tv series the aim is always to save both human and digital world from terrible enemies.

Digimon tv series are also full of moral teachings and themes like friendship and social problems. It is possible that this pedagogical characteristic contributed to make Digimon less popular than Pokèmon because many kids felt that it was boring.

Moreover, Digimon never reached the huge success of Pokèmon because many people preferred a role playing game about catching monsters rather than an electronic pet that needs to be feeded, cleaned and trained everytime.

- Watch the first Digimon English commercial ever (1997)

- Watch the intro of Digimon World (PS1) featuring the Digimon v-pet

What are Digimon?

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